The Bobocu gas field was discovered by Romgaz in 1962 and subsequently developed early 1980’s. The initial recoverable reserves were estimated to be 1.359MM m3 (48 BCF) and the calculated remaining reserve of gas in place of 906MM m3 (32 BCF), of which 538MM m3 (19 BCF) recoverable.

A total of 35 wells were drilled, of which 15 wells have been in production. The field was in production till 2001, after which it was relinquished and subsequently acquired by Zeta Petroleum. Claren Energy Corp. farmed-in for 40% and took over the 60% from Zeta in 2019 and became the 100% concessionaire of the Bobocu production license throught its wholly owned subsidiary Clarren Operations Ltd.

Claren Operations Ltd, the holder of the Bobocu licence, was subsequently acquired by Lalea Energy medio 2020.

The remaining 32 BCF gas is thought to be mainly stored in the undrained sections of the five upper reservoirs, as well as being attic gas and also in pay zones that were discovered by Romgaz but for various reasons never produced by Romgaz. Considerable recoverable gas reserves are still left in place. These remaining recoverable gas reserves could be harvested by applying proper drilling and production technologies and targeting the undrained reservoir sections & unproduced pay zones. 

The major upside potential of the Bobocu gas field lies in the three as-yet undrilled & untested deeper structures underlying the known & developed five reservoirs. These three structures hold an estimated recoverable reserve of 810MM m3 gas. (28.6 BCF)

Lalea Energy plans to workover two existing wells and drill additional wells, starting 2021.

Bobocu is located approximately 15km east of the town of Buzau.

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