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Harry Hollander 


Harry has 45 years of international oil & gas and geothermal industry experience. He held senior positions in Production, Well Services and Drilling with major energy companies such as Shell, Phillips Petroleum, ENI, OMV, Anadarko and Glencore, as well as with several junior oil companies such as Centurion, First Calgary Petroleums, Energean, Mart Resources, Central European Petroleum and Heritage Oil. Harry held positions such as Drilling Manager, Engineering & Operations Manager, General Manager and Managing Director.

Geographically his work theatre has been offshore in several theatres including ultra-deep waters and onshore including rain forests & swamps, deserts & steppe, arctic areas, as well as densely populated environments. He was co-founder of Atlantic Well Services, Nedwell International and Greenwells Geothermal Solutions. He served as the COO of Tullip Energy. Harry is the initiator, co-founder and the CEO of Lalea Energy.

Arno Vervoort


Arno has 40+ years of international oil & gas and geothermal industry experience. He held several positions in Production and Well Services with Schlumberger and Well Services- and Drilling positions with major energy companies such as Saga, Statoil (now Equinor), Shell and Repsol, as well as with several smaller energy companies such as Vermilion, Central European Petroleum and Ruspetro.

In his later career Arno held positions as Drilling Manager and Engineering & Operations Manager. Geographically Arno worked all over the globe ofshore, including deep waters, onshore, including rain forests & swamps, deserts & steppe and arctic areas. Arno is the co-founder and the COO of Lalea Energy.

Niek Hollander


Niek joins our team coming from one of the ‘Big Four’ international accountancy & consultancy firms, where he was active in a global workspace in several roles. He advanced his career using his analytical skills by advising the business on, e.g., establishing significant (cloud) infrastructure cost efficiencies, identifying business optimization opportunities through process improvements and the implementation of logical workflow designs and through the development of new revenue recovery models for products. Throughout his career he gained extensive experience in regards to the management of multi-million budgets and obtained a broad knowledge on industry leading financial and business intelligence software.

Management Team

Harry Hollander

Arno Vervoort

Niek Hollander

Elena Catineanu

Scott McLaughlin



Managing Director

Engineering & Operations Manager

Finance & Legal Manager

Country Manager Moldova

General Manager Moldova

Country Manager Romania

Country Manager The Netherlands

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